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Nazanin Ebadi studied graphic design in Tehran, always with a deep interest and an eye for handmade, bespoke individual art.
In 2012 Nazanin Ebadi began designing and making jewellery and though now based in Berlin, Germany, never lost touch with her culture of origin, Iran, it being an important part of her art.

Persian cultural motifs, especially those stemming from Persian architecture and carpets, constitute the root of her work. Some architectural motifs and specific patterns of carpets are modernized or minimalized based on the potential of each conceptualization or scheme, giving them a unique character and exceptional appearance.

The triangle, forming a pivotal shape for many architectural ornaments, does not cease to fascinate her artistic mind.

Using this geometric form, her jewellery is either modern and considerably minimalistic or extremely detailed and deeply influenced by commonplace ornaments in Persian architecture.

The most substantial materials used in her collection are Swarovski® stones, crystals and pearls, Toho beads – the finest and tiniest beads – and silver. The silver is obtained

from Tehran, Iran, the other elements being largely from Germany. The unexampled sparkle of Swarovski® crystals gives the jewellery a majestic appearance.

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